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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Capsule Machine Size for Microdosing Enthusiasts

Updated: Jul 3, 2023


As the popularity of DIY supplements and mushroom microdosing continues to grow, so does the demand for user-friendly capsule machines. One of the most common questions that arises when choosing a capsule machine is about the different capsule sizes and how much content they can hold. In this comprehensive guide, we'll help you understand the various capsule sizes (#1, #0, #00, and #000) and how to choose the right size capsule machine for your specific needs.

Understanding Capsule Sizes

Capsule sizes range from #1 to #000, with each size designed to hold a specific amount of content. Here's a quick breakdown of the different sizes and their capacities:

  1. Size #1: Holds approximately 400 mg of content

  2. Size #0: Holds approximately 500 mg of content

  3. Size #00: Holds approximately 700 mg of content

  4. Size #000: Holds approximately 1000 mg of content

Keep in mind that the actual capacity of a capsule may vary depending on the density and consistency of the material you're encapsulating.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Capsule Machine Size

Dosage Requirements

One of the primary factors to consider when selecting a capsule machine size is your desired dosage. Consider the amount of material you want to encapsulate per capsule, and choose the size that best accommodates that amount.

For example, if you're microdosing and require 200 mg of mushroom powder per dose, a size #1 capsule machine may suffice. However, if you're looking to encapsulate a larger dose, such as 800 mg of a supplement, you'll need a size #00 or #000 capsule machine.

Capsule Swallowing Comfort

The size of the capsule can impact swallowing comfort. Larger capsules, such as size #000, may be more challenging to swallow for some individuals, especially those with difficulty swallowing pills. Smaller capsules, like size #1 or #0, tend to be easier to swallow, making them a better choice for those with swallowing concerns.

Capsule Filling Efficiency

When considering capsule machine sizes, think about the efficiency of filling the capsules. Larger capsules can hold more content, which means fewer capsules may be needed to achieve the desired dosage. However, if you're working with smaller doses or need to make multiple variations of a supplement, a smaller capsule size might be more suitable.

Cost and Availability

Capsule size can impact the cost and availability of empty capsules. Larger capsules tend to be more expensive, while smaller capsules may be more affordable. Additionally, some capsule sizes may be more readily available than others. Consider the cost and availability of empty capsules when selecting a capsule machine size.

Material and Consistency

The type of material you're encapsulating can also impact your choice of capsule size. Some materials, such as powders, can pack more densely than others, allowing you to fit more content into a smaller capsule. Consider the consistency of the material you're working with and how well it will fit into each capsule size.

How to Choose the Right Capsule Machine Size for Your Needs

Determine Your Dosage Requirements

Start by calculating the desired dosage for each capsule. This may involve researching the appropriate dosage for the supplement or consulting with a healthcare professional. Once you know your desired dosage, choose the capsule size that best accommodates that amount.

Consider Swallowing Comfort

Think about the ease of swallowing for the capsule size you're considering. If you or your intended users have difficulty swallowing pills, opt for a smaller capsule size to maximize comfort.

Evaluate Filling Efficiency

Determine the efficiency of filling capsules based on the size and dosage requirements. If you're working with larger doses or want to create fewer capsules, consider choosing a larger capsule size. On the other hand, if you need to make multiple variations of a supplement or work with smaller doses, a smaller capsule size may be more appropriate.

Compare Costs and Availability

Research the cost and availability of empty capsules in the sizes you're considering. Factor in the ongoing costs of purchasing capsules and whether they're readily available when choosing your capsule machine size.

Test with Your Material

If possible, conduct a test run using the material you plan to encapsulate. This will give you a better understanding of how the material behaves within each capsule size and help you determine the most suitable option for your needs.


Choosing the right capsule machine size is essential for creating effective and easy-to-swallow supplements, whether for microdosing or other purposes. By considering factors such as dosage requirements, swallowing comfort, filling efficiency, cost, and availability, you can make an informed decision and select the perfect capsule machine for your needs.

With a suitable capsule machine, you'll be able to create personalized supplements and microdoses with ease, taking control of your health and wellness journey.

So, explore your options and find the capsule machine that best meets your requirements, and start encapsulating your way to a happier, healthier you!

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