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How to use a capsule machine

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Using a capsule machine is the easiest way to make your own mushroom supplements.

If you follow these 3 steps, you'll make about 24 capsules in 5 minutes or less. Basically, this post tells you everything you'll need to know about this subject =)

Making your own mushroom supplements is a hot trend right now. People want to take advantage of the amazing healing properties of a variety of mushrooms by drying, grinding, and putting those mushrooms into capsules. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the best way to put those mushrooms into capsule form. That's why so many people are investing in capsule machines.

Capsule machines make the entire process of making your own mushroom supplements incredibly easy. And if you recently purchased a Capsule Machine, or will in the future, and need a bit more help using it to make capsules, this post should answer all your questions and make your life a lot easier.

However, before you begin making and taking your own supplements, make sure to consult with your doctor.

Getting Started

You'll need a few things to get started: a capsule machine, mushroom supplement powder, capsules, and a scale.

Selecting a Capsule Machine

You'll need to get yourself a capsule machine. There are different sizes depending on

your recipe.

There are four different-sized capsule machines: #1, #0, #00, and #000.

Capsule Machine Size

Approximate weight of contents per capsule

400 mg

500 mg

700 mg

1000 mg

Mushroom Supplement Powder

There are so many different places to buy mushroom powder. While I highly recommend growing your own, it's not always feasible. So here's my list of places for sourcing medicinal mushrooms.

  1. Grow some of your own with a MiniTub Mushroom Grow kit!

  2. Check out this post about medicinal mushrooms. There are links to different places to order a variety of dried medicinal mushrooms in whole or powder form.

  3. Check out your local farmers market. Mushrooms like Lions Mane are popular and sold almost everywhere nowadays.

Capsules and a Scale

You're going to need capsules and probably a scale. You can pick up both of these in our shop. You can also purchase starter kits that include capsules and a digital scale. Just choose the right size for you and we'll send it out within 24-48 hours =)

You can purchase gelatin or vegetarian capsules.


Here's how to use a Capsule Machine in 3 steps!

Step #1: Put the Capsule Machine base on the stand.

Make sure that the wide side of the stand is up. Put the long part of the capsule in the base. The short part of the capsule should be placed on the top with the open ends out.

Step #2: Fill Capsule Machine with capsules and powder.

Insert capsules into the machine. The long part of the capsule goes into the bottom part of the machine. The short part of the capsule goes into the top part of the machine.

Put the base in a shallow bowl or plate. Pour powder, then spread powder with the enclosed spreader card.


If you desire to tamp down to make room for more content, then you can use your tamper and then pour more powder. Spread excess off the open corner into the bowl. Then take the base off the stand. the needed links (can be an affiliate) to get going and encourage them to soar.

If you're looking for a recipe for making mushroom supplements, check out this post.

Step #3: Replace the Capsule Machine top on the base to join capsules.

Place the machine on a flat surface. Press down firmly on both sides of the top until the base bottoms out. Capsules are automatically joined and held together!


Consider purchasing a mushroom grow kit + Capsule Maker

Grow some medicinal mushrooms and then make your own supplements!


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