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How to Make Mushroom Microdosing Capsules

Updated: 2 days ago

Published by Carlos Ochoa

Today, I’m going to tell you exactly how to make Paul Stamet’s mushroom microdosing capsules.

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Paul is a world renowned mycologist, author, and all around badass. You can checkout his website Fungi Perfecti.

A lot of people are interested in microdosing mushrooms for anxiety or depression. Lord knows we all feel a little of each these days.


Microdosing means taking a very small amount of a drug to benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects.

The undesirable side effects of taking psilocybin mushrooms might entail nausea, “bad trips," distortion of time and space, confronting your inner demons, finding peace with the world, and/or uncontrollable laughter.

Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Paul Stamets’ Neurogenesis Patent

Paul's patent is called “compositions and methods for enhancing neurogensis and cognition by combining mushroom extracts containing active ingredients psilocin or psilocybin with erinacines or hericenones enhanced with niacin.”

Yeah – that's kind of a mouthful. But we like to keep things simple here at Happy Little Fungi, so we’re going to make it easy for you.

Basic Microdosing Recipes for Each Capsule Size

Here are some basic microdosing recipes for each capsule size using dried, ground mushrooms or other microdosing substances, niacin, and lion's mane mushroom powder, and, supplemental medicinal mushrooms:

Capsule Size #1 Recipe:

- 150 mg dried, ground mushrooms

- 150 mg lion's mane mushroom powder

- 15-20 mg niacin

Capsule Size #0 Recipe:

- 200 mg dried, ground mushrooms

- 200 mg lion's mane mushroom powder

- 15-20 mg niacin

Capsule Size #00 Recipe:

- 300 mg dried, ground mushrooms

- 300 mg lion's mane mushroom powder

- 100 mg medicinal mushrooms

- 15-20 mg niacin

Capsule Size #000 Recipe:

- 400 mg dried, ground mushrooms

- 400 mg lion’s mane mushroom powder

- 200 mg medicinal mushrooms

- 15-20 mg niacin

What’s up with the niacin?

Paul Stamets’ patent says that niacin helps prevent any of the undesirable side-effects from taking place. Microdosing already has such a small amount of active compounds, and the niacin brings down the chances of side-effects even further.

Check out this article: What's up with Niacin to learn more.

Material and Instructions

This process takes about 20 minutes, assuming you have to grind up your mushrooms. Most of that time you'll be weighing and encapsulating. You won't need any experience to do this. Just get the necessary material and equipment, follow these instructions, and you should be good to go!

Make it easy with a bundle!

Includes a digital scale, niacin, powdered lion's mane, capsule and capsules (choose your size). Ships in a discreet brown box via USPS or UPS ground.

You’ll need:


  1. Grind dried mushrooms into a powder

  2. Mix dried mushroom powder with lion’s mane mushroom powder and the niacin.

  3. Place powder mixture in the capsule machine and follow the directions for filling and encapsulating supplements.

Video Resource

I’ve made a video that shows you step-by-step! It’s 3 minutes long and will teach you everything that’s taken me years to perfect.

Microdosing Starter Pack for Beginners

Ready to start your microdosing journey? Get a starter pack! Just add your own mushrooms!

Includes your choice of Capsule Machine size and capsule type, as well as USDA organic lion's mane powder, powdered niacin, and a digital scale.

Compatible with the Stamets Stack!

Link to Paul Stamet’s Patent