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How to Make Mushroom Microdosing Capsules

Updated: Feb 13

In recent years, the practice of microdosing mushrooms has emerged from the shadows of counterculture into the spotlight of mainstream wellness conversations. This subtle yet profound practice involves consuming minuscule amounts of psychedelic mushrooms to enhance creativity, boost productivity, and improve emotional balance without inducing a full psychedelic experience. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, the art of making your own mushroom microdosing capsules offers not just a personalized approach to this transformative practice but also a deepened connection to the process itself.

Creating your own capsules ensures precision, purity, and peace of mind, knowing exactly what goes into your body and at what dosage. This guide, "How to Make Mushroom Microdosing Capsules," is designed to demystify the process, providing you with a step-by-step approach to safely and effectively prepare your own microdoses. From selecting the right strains and equipment to understanding dosages and storage, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to embark on this journey with confidence.

Join us as we explore the empowering practice of preparing your own microdosing capsules, a gateway to enhanced well-being and a deeper understanding of your own mental and emotional landscape.


Microdosing involves consuming a minimal dose of a substance to harness its positive effects while avoiding any adverse reactions. This practice is particularly noted with psilocybin mushrooms, where the aim is to gain the therapeutic benefits without experiencing the less desirable effects.

Such effects from psilocybin mushrooms can range from nausea and unsettling hallucinations to profound insights and euphoria. It's crucial to seek medical advice before introducing any supplements into your routine.

Always consult a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets stands as a towering figure in the field of mycology. He's an acclaimed author, a pioneering mycologist, and quite the influential figure in the realm of fungi. You can check out his website Fungi Perfecti.

Microdosing mushrooms has garnered attention for their potential to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, with many looking towards Stamets' research for guidance.

Paul Stamets’ Neurogenesis Patent

Paul Stamets holds a patent titled “compositions and methods for enhancing neurogenesis and cognition by combining mushroom extracts containing active ingredients psilocin or psilocybin with erinacines or hericenones enhanced with niacin.”

While the title may seem daunting, our goal at Happy Little Fungi is to break down these complex concepts into digestible, easy-to-understand information.

Beginner Microdosing Recipes Based on Capsule Size

The following recipes are to be used with a Capsule Machine. These machines hold 24 capsules and make filling your capsules a breeze.

It's crucial to note that each capsule size has a different capacity. This means the total quantity of the substance required will vary depending on the size of the capsules you're using.

Ensure you adjust the total amount of your ingredients accordingly to fill all 24 capsules effectively.

Recipes By Capsule Size

Capsule Size #1 Recipe:

- 3.6 grams dried, ground mushrooms

- .360 grams niacin

Capsule Size #0 Recipe:

- 4.8 grams dried, ground mushrooms

- .360 grams niacin 

Capsule Size #00 Recipe:

- 8.4 grams dried, ground mushrooms

- .360 grams niacin 

Capsule Size #000 Recipe:

- 12 grams dried, ground mushrooms

- .360 grams niacin 

Material and Instructions

This process takes about 20 minutes, assuming you must grind up your mushrooms. Most of that time you'll be weighing and encapsulating. You won't need any experience to do this. Just get the necessary material and equipment, follow these instructions, and you should be good to go!

Make it easy with a bundle!

Includes a digital scale, niacin, powdered lion's mane, capsule, and capsules (choose your size and type). Ships in a discreet brown box via USPS or UPS ground.

Essential Materials for Simplified Microdosing Capsule Preparation

To streamline the process of creating microdosing capsules, having the right materials on hand is crucial. Below is a curated list of ingredients and tools you'll need, ensuring precision and ease throughout the preparation process.


Capsule Machine: This device ensures you can efficiently fill your capsules without hassle. Makes 24 capsules at a time.

Capsules: Compatible with your capsule machine, these are the containers for your microdose blend. Choose an appropriate size and either gelatin or vegetarian.

Digital Scale: Precision is key in microdosing. A digital scale allows you to accurately measure your ingredients. You can pick yours up here.

Spoon: For transferring and mixing your ingredients.

Ceramic Container: Ideal for mixing your ingredients without reacting to them. I use these bowls.

Grinder: A quality grinder is essential for processing your dried mushrooms into a fine powder. While a food mill is preferred for its consistency, a coffee grinder can also suffice. Choose one that best suits your needs and preferences. I like this one!


Dried mushroom bodies: This is the primary substance for your microdose.

Lion's mane mushroom extract: Lion's mane is renowned for its cognitive benefits.

Niacin: Niacin aids in the absorption of the mushrooms and supports circulation. Check out this article on Niacin to learn more.


  1. Mix Ingredients: Combine the specified amounts of dried mushrooms, lion's mane extract, and niacin thoroughly to ensure a uniform blend.

  2. Fill Capsules: Use your capsule machine according to its instructions to fill each capsule with the mixture. Ensure you're using the correct capsule size for your recipe.

  3. Store Safely: Keep your filled capsules in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Key Points to Remember

Precision is Key: The effectiveness of microdosing relies heavily on consistency and accuracy in your doses. Using a Capsule Machine ensures each capsule contains the exact amount of substance intended, promoting a more controlled and reliable microdosing experience.

Safety First: Always prioritize safety by researching and understanding the substances you plan to microdose. It's advisable to start with lower doses, especially for beginners, to gauge your body's response.

Customization for Your Needs: These recipes are designed to be adaptable based on the capsule size you choose. Whether you're using smaller capsules for a subtle effect or larger ones for a slightly more pronounced impact, adjusting your ingredients accordingly is essential for achieving the desired outcome.

By following these guidelines and using the recipes provided, you'll be well on your way to crafting your own microdosing capsules tailored to your personal goals and preferences. Remember, the journey of microdosing is highly individual, and finding the right balance for your needs is a process worth exploring with care and attention.

Video Resource

I’ve made a video that shows you step-by-step! It’s 3 minutes long and will teach you everything that’s taken me years to perfect.

Microdosing Starter Pack for Beginners

Embark on your microdosing adventure with ease. Our Microdosing Starter Pack is designed specifically for beginners, ensuring a seamless and straightforward experience. All you need to do is bring your own mushrooms, and we'll take care of the rest.

What's Included in Your Starter Pack:

  • Customizable Capsule Machine: Choose the size that fits your needs, making capsule creation a breeze.

  • Versatile Capsule Types: Select the type of capsules you prefer, tailored to your personal or dietary requirements.

  • USDA Organic Lion's Mane Extract: Enhance your microdosing blend with the cognitive benefits of high-quality lion's mane mushroom extract.

  • Powdered Niacin: A key component of the renowned Stamets Stack, our powdered niacin is ready to mix, ensuring your microdosing stack is complete.

  • Precision Digital Scale: Measure your ingredients with accuracy, guaranteeing the perfect dose every time.

Our kit is fully compatible with the Stamets Stack, offering you a tried-and-tested formula for your microdosing regimen. Whether you're exploring microdosing for focus, creativity, or emotional balance, our Starter Pack makes it easy to begin with confidence.

Why Choose Our Starter Pack?

We understand the importance of simplicity and precision in microdosing. Our Starter Pack is curated to remove any guesswork, providing you with high-quality, organic ingredients and the right tools for precise dosing. Just add your chosen mushrooms to the mix, and you're ready to go.

Start your microdosing journey today with everything you need in one convenient package!

Link to Paul Stamet’s Patent

Here’s a link to Paul’s patent.

It’s very detailed and has a lot of interesting information about microdosing and background information. I highly recommend checking it out!

Download PDF • 1.29MB


Mar 18

I want to make my own capsules, I am a beginner, this will be my second time at making my own capsules. I have all the "ingredients", I am confused as to how to measure the niacin .360 grams. The last time I made them it was 2.5 grams dried shrooms, 2.5 grams of lion's mane and 2.5 grams of niacin. If I follow the above Beginner Microdosing Recipes Based on Capsule Size Capsule Size #1 Recipe:

- 3.6 grams dried, ground mushrooms

- 3.6 grams lion's mane mushroom extract  

- .360 grams niacin 

how do I measure .360 grams of it the same as 3.6 grams of niacin...please help as I want to make them today...thanks! :)


Feb 04

I'm unsure where I went wrong, but my machine holds 100 capsules. I quadrupled the recipe, and there was not enough to go around. Any thoughts on where I veered off course?

Feb 27
Replying to


DAYS 1-4: Microdosing days

DAY 5-7: Non-microdosing days

  • No microdose

  • Optional: Niacin

  • Optional: Continue implementing Lion’s Mane

 CYCLE: continue for four weeks

RESET: Stop microdosing with psilocybin for two to four weeks. You may continue supplementing with Lion’s Mane during this reset.


Aug 03, 2023

thanks so much for all of this! how many capsules does each recipe make?

Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

This recipe is for 24 capsules. Thanks for your comment!


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