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Creating Your Own Monotub: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Introduction to Monotubs

Greetings, aspiring mycologists! As you embark on the captivating journey of mushroom cultivation, the monotub stands as a steadfast ally. This guide is here to help you craft your very own monotub, setting the stage for a fruitful mushroom-growing experience.

A monotub with a black plastic liner, commonly used for mushroom cultivation.
Monotub with black plastic liner and air filters.

What is a monotub fruiting chamber?

Monotub fruitng chamber is a popular method used by cultivators to grow bulk amounts of mushrooms. It involves using a large, clear or opaque plastic storage container with holes drilled in it for air exchange. The container is filled with a substrate (often a mixture of grains and other organic materials) that has been colonized by mycelium, and then it's left to fruit.

Why the Monotub Stands Out

Before we delve into the details, let's grasp the allure of the monotub:

  • Simplicity: No convoluted setups or intricate equipment.

  • Efficiency: Tailored for optimal mushroom growth with minimal intervention.

  • Discreteness: Using a 32-quart tub is discreet!

Among various fruiting chambers, the monotub emerges as a straightforward and novice-friendly choice. Think of it as the reliable slow-cooker of the mushroom realm!

A 32-quart monotub is discreet and will grow a ton of mushrooms
32-quart monotubs are discreet.

Materials You'll Need to Make Your Own MonoTub

Every mushroom project requires the right tools. Here's your checklist:

With these essentials, you're ready to roll!

Selecting the Ideal Container for Your MonoTub

The container is the cornerstone of your monotub. Here's your guide:

  • Size: A 32-quart tub strikes a balance between manageability and yield, making it perfect for beginners. You can go larger or smaller! 32 quarts seems to be perfect for beginners.

  • Type: Clear containers facilitate effortless monitoring, while opaque ones direct mushroom growth upwards. We highly recommend something like Hefty Hi-Rise 32-quart tub or similar. This clear tub with opaque lid and extra height will give you the perfect container for your new monotub.

Designing Your Monotub

Let's dive into the crafting process:

Drilling Holes

Using your hole saw with a 1" arbor drill bit, create holes around the container. A good rule of thumb is four 1" holes per 32 quarts. So, if you're making a larger monotub, you'll need more holes. Smaller ones? You'll need fewer.

For the 32-quart container, place 4 holes around the container, typically two near the middle of the container (for air exchange) and two a few inches above the middle holes (for gas release). Typically the lower ones go on the long side of the tub while the upper ones go on the short sides.

Safety first! Don protective goggles and gloves, ensure the tub's stability, and approach the drilling process with patience and care.

Taping the holes

For the cultivation process, it's essential to place clear tape over the holes on the inside of the monotub. This tape should remain in place until you reach the final stage of mushroom cultivation. At that point, remove the tape and position the monotub in ambient light.


Affix the air filters, available on our website, to the drilled holes. These filters are designed to seamlessly integrate with any monotub setup, ensuring optimal air exchange while warding off contaminants.

Use promocode "MonoTub2023" at checkout to get three sets of filters for the cost of two!

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Every endeavor has its lessons. Here's what to be mindful of:

  • Misjudging Hole Placement: Consistency is key. Ensure holes are evenly spaced for optimal results.

  • Overlooking Filtration: Always secure the air filters to the holes. This simple step is crucial in keeping contaminants at bay.


Kudos! You're now equipped with the knowledge to craft a top-notch monotub. As you set forth on this enthralling journey, remember: every cultivator has their beginnings. Relish the process, absorb the learnings, and soon, you'll be basking in the glory of your mushroom bounty.

Curious? Have insights to share? We're all ears. Dive in, and happy cultivating!

Grow a ton of mushrooms in a monotub. Make sure to add proper filters for increased success!
Mushrooms growing in a monotub


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