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Where to buy spores?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

To start your journey into the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation, the first step is to secure your mushroom spores. Much like seeds in a garden, spores form the basis of mushroom growth. These microscopic wonders germinate to produce mycelium, the underlying network that eventually sprouts the mushrooms we recognize. These spores are an indispensable part of your mycological expedition.

Remember, these spores are meant primarily for microscopic study. However, you may also use them to cultivate a variety of edible and culinary mushroom species, always adhering to local, state, and federal laws. Safety and legal compliance should always be your priority.

Spore Providers

Spore suppliers play a critical role in your mushroom cultivation journey. They curate spore collections, often maintaining them in sterile water for easy distribution. These suppliers typically operate within sterilized labs to ensure the purity of your spores, keeping them free from unwanted contaminants.

To assist you in choosing a spore supplier, we tapped into our Discord group for recommendations. While we cannot personally vouch for any of these suppliers, our community members have shared their experiences with several reputable companies.

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of recommended spore providers, complete with pros and cons to help you make an informed decision:

Pros: Inexpensive spore syringes, 21 different strains

Cons: Only accepts Zelle, e-gift cards, cash orders, and most crypto currencies

Pros: Lightning-fast shipping, accepts credit cards, reasonable prices, includes bonus mini-syringe, cash payment accepted for 10% discount, 36 strains available! Focus on lab grade cleanliness.

Cons: MESH and Crypto payments can be cumbersome for beginners.

Pros: Liquid cultures! Apple pay, shop pay, FACEBOOK Pay

Cons: Unclear if you’re getting spores or liquid culture. Limited strain availability.

Pros: 34 different strains! Uncommon varieties. Accepts credit cards, cash app, zelle, bitcoins

Cons: Expensive spore syringes, shipping is expensive, expect to pay $50 for a single spore syringe of uncommon varieties

Pros: 30+ varieties, reasonable shipping costs

Cons: Pay with cryptocurrencies, cash/money orders, Cash.App, no credit cards

Pros: Nearly 40 varieties! Unusual varieties, all solutions made in front of Laminar Flow Hood, reasonably priced, accepts credit cards, apple pay, zelle, venmo, commerce coinbase and other crypto payments available

Cons: Website is difficult to look at! (Sorry friends, but the swirling image of liquid spore solution might give you a headache!)

Pros: 21 varieties available, accepts many kinds of payment types including cash and amazon gift cards and discounts for mail orders

Cons: Website is slightly difficult to navigate to find what you need, many products out of stock, somewhat expensive, no credit card payments

Pros: 59 varieties! Inexpensive! Free shipping. Accepts credit cards, cash app, venmo, Zelle, apple pay, google pay, bitcoin, amazon gift cards

Cons: Credit and debit payments are made through invoices and not directly through website. Not exactly a “con” but does add another layer of complexity.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above-mentioned companies are separate entities and operate independently. We do not receive any benefits, financial or otherwise, from the purchases made from these businesses. While we aim to provide helpful information based on our community's experiences, we cannot guarantee the effectiveness or reliability of their products. All questions, concerns, or customer service needs should be directly addressed with the respective company. Proceed with due diligence and discretion.

Next Steps

The next thing you'll need is a MiniTub Grow Kit to jumpstart your mushroom growing jounrey. It's perfect for absolute beginners and comes with our 3-Step Grow Guide. It also includes access to our Discord group – a community of new and experienced growers just like you!

These kits are for legal uses only.

Grow Kits for You

Capsule Machines

After you grow and dry your medicinal mushrooms, you can make your own mushroom supplements. You can choose from a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. Our Capsule Machine Starter Kit comes in multiple sizes!


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