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Grow Mushrooms in 3-Easy Steps

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The MiniTub method helps people grow mushrooms in 3-easy steps. It is the easiest, most cost-effective way to grow your own mushrooms!

The MiniTub method has three steps:

  1. Mix spores with Grains

  2. Mix Grains with Spores

  3. Move MiniTub into the Light

Trust the process and follow every step as directed.

There are no shortcuts in mushroom cultivation. Once you complete Step 1, you are on fungi time. This means you can expect to wait 4-6 weeks, or longer depending on temperature, for your mushrooms to grow.

STEP 1: Mix Grains with Spores

The First step is to inject mushrooms spores into sterilized grains. For this process, we always use sterilized whole oats.

Inject spores directly into the sterilized grain jars.

The grain jars will incubate for 10-14 days between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. After 5 days, or so, you’ll start to notice little patches of mycelium growing on the grains.

Around day 10, or when the jars are ¼ covered with mycelium, you’ll gently shake your jars to disperse the mycelium. The goal is to gently disperse the mycelium across the jars. Then allow jars to continue incubating undisturbed.

The jars should be fully colonized around day 14. This depends on the incubation temperature. The closer you get to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the more quickly they will grow. However, do not exceed this temperature. Fungi will slow when you exceed 85 degrees.

Fully colonized jars are known as “Spawn Jars”. You’ll notice that the mycelium holds the grains together.

Fully colonized grain jars below!

And now that your jars have fully colonized and your spawn is prepared, you’ll need to move to Phase II.

Step 2: Mix Oats with Soil

After some time, your jars will begin to turn from a golden oat color to a white color. This process is known as "colonization" by some savvy mycologists.