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A collection of illustrated mushrooms displaying diverse patterns, all featuring a red transparent hue.

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new MiniTub Mushroom Grow Kit! Here are some resources to help you get growing:

How To Grow Mushrooms in 3 Easy Steps


This pdf download will help guide you through each step of the MiniTub process. It is an easy to understand guide with only 3 steps!

Grow Guide


These video tutorials outline each step of the MiniTub process. They are short, informative, and educational. Be sure to like and subscribe to be alerted when we post new videos.

Image by Christian Wiediger
Video Tutorials
Discord Happy Little Fungi


Join an online community of people just like you! Learn and grow together on Discord. Feel free to participate by asking questions, posting pictures, or just checking in with your peers. Totally free for you!

Discord Group


We like to blog about all kinds of things related to mushrooms. It's a resource we make just for people like you. Subscribe for new posts!

Introducing a handmade mushroom grow kit, also known as a monotub, that may be small in size, but delivers impressive results! Simply add spores and watch it thrive.
Carlos Happy Little Fungi

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