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MiniTub Method Step 2 of 3: Mix Grains with Soil

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Thee first thing that we have to do is practice some good hygiene. So make sure to wash your hands and use a liberal amount of hand sanitizer. I like to rub it all over my hands. Get it all over my fingers and between my fingers and under my nails.

The next thing you're going to do is grab all your material. This includes your MinTub grow container, your soil, and your black plastic liner.

Before You Start Step 2

Before you get started and make sure that the three grain jars are fully covered in mycelium.

Make sure that all those grains are fully covered in white fuzzy mycelium make sure there is no other colored growth in the jars.

Jar on Right is Fully Covered

Then lay out your black plastic. You can use a little piece of tape to hold it up if that helps. All you're going to have to do is empty about 4/5 of the soil while reserving one fifths. We'll use that a little bit later at the end of the process.

Go ahead and shake those grain jars loose and then empty all three jars into the soil. Mix it all around gently. Make sure that all those grains are distributed evenly and then go ahead and pour the 1/5 of soil on top.

Make sure that you do not pack it down. By leaving it airy we give room for the mycelium to grow. Just kind of spread it around with your hands keep it nice and loose and then put on the lid.

You're going to want to write the date on a piece of tape and then you're going to want to wait about two weeks.

Make sure that you are putting your mini tub grow container in a dark environment and leave it at about 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit so follow for step three or visit happy little


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