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How to Plan Your Mushroom Grow Cycle Around Your Vacation


Are you wondering how to time your mushroom's fruiting phase (step 3) so it doesn't coincide with your vacation? You're not alone. One of our customers recently had this exact question. They were at the end of Step Two and unsure whether to initiate the fruiting process before heading off for a week-long holiday.

While the best strategy is to schedule your mushroom growing cycle to ensure it doesn’t coincide with vacation, sometimes it isn’t possible. So, the best solution is to try and delay the initiation of step 3 to allow for your presence during this crucial step.

Here’s the email

I’ve been on step 2 for a week and a half. It will be time to begin fruiting pretty soon. However, I'm going on vacation for a week in about a week! Do you recommend I go ahead and allow it to fruit or do you think I should wait to start step 3 a little before I leave for vacation? I don't want to miss the fruiting and the veils to fall while I'm gone.

Understanding the Mushroom Grow Cycle

The mushroom growth cycle is divided into three simple steps: mixing the spores with grains, mixing the grains with soil, and finally, watching your mushrooms grow.

Our customer is currently at the end of Step Two. They've successfully grown their mycelium, mixed it with the soil in their container, and are now ready for the fruiting phase. But, with a vacation coming up, timing becomes a critical consideration.

To Fruit or Not to Fruit?

Fruiting is Step 3. This is when mushrooms sprout from the mycelium and eventually produce spores. It is a delicate phase that requires optimal conditions and keen observation.

If you're not around to monitor the process, you may miss out on the best time to harvest your mushrooms, especially as the veils can fall while you're gone.

If the mushrooms grow, break their veil, and release their spores, your harvest is likely not going to be negatively impacted. However, you’ll have a bunch of spores covering all your mushrooms, which isn't exactly a lot of fun and might irritate your allergies.

Solution: Delaying Your Mushrooms' Fruiting Phase

In response to our customer's question, it would be best to wait until after the vacation to start the fruiting process. This way, they'll be around to ensure the mushrooms are developing correctly and harvest them at the right time.

While mushrooms are generally low maintenance, the fruiting stage does need your attention, and it's always best when you can provide it. For instance, harvesting before the veil breaks would prevent spores from covering your mushroom crop.

Top Two Tips for Mushroom Cultivation While You're Away

Here are some additional tips for those times when you can't be around to tend to your mushroom garden daily:

  1. Maintain Optimal Conditions: Make sure your mushrooms are in a controlled environment appropriate for Step Two where temperature, humidity, and light levels can be consistently maintained.

  2. Delay Fruiting: As mentioned earlier, if you're about to be away for a while, consider delaying the fruiting process until you return by keeping your bin in the dark. If you have additional pasteurized soil, you can put a 1/2' layer of soil on top.


Navigating the delicate timing of your mushroom's fruiting phase can be a tricky process, especially when you're planning to be away. Remember that while mushrooms are generally easy to grow, the fruiting stage needs your attention to ensure a successful harvest.

It's best to be around during this stage (mostly because it's such a magical process to watch). And if your vacation coincides with Step Three, you may want to delay starting the fruiting stage. Your mushrooms will thank you for it!


Want more tips on growing mushrooms or need supplies for your mushroom garden? Check out our wide range of mushroom gardening supplies and accessories. And if you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us - we're here to help make your mushroom growing experience as easy and rewarding as possible!

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