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How to Re-use Your MiniTub

Updated: Jul 3

Written by Carlos Ochoa

The MiniTub is designed to be used over and over and over again! That’s just one of the beautiful things about using our Grow Kit.

After you’re done growing your mushrooms, you can follow these simple steps to use it again with a refill kit.

Step 1: Wipe it down

Clean out the container with warm water, a mild detergent, and a clean dishrag. I'm a big fan of biodegradable cleaners like Mrs. Meyer's.

Simply wipe down the inside of the MiniTub. Make sure to wipe down the bottom of the lid too.

Dry the inside of the container with a clean towel.

Be sure not to inundate your container because the filters should mostly stay dry. See more about filters in Step 4: Check Filters.

Step 2: Tape it up

Place a strip of clear tape on the inside of the MiniTub holes. Two inch packing tape works perfectly. I like to fold a little piece on one end for easy removal. You can get some on Amazon.

The tape is used to keep as much moisture as possible inside the MiniTub during Step 2 of the MiniTub process.

Step 3: Cut Dark Plastic

Cut a 30-gallon black plastic bag in half length-wise. This will serve as your liner for the MiniTub grow container. The 30-gallon size is perfect for two liners.

This liner has to be dark. Avoid clear plastic liners. The dark liner helps prevent the formation of mushrooms on the bottom and sides of your mushroom grow kit.

If you order a MiniTub Refill, you’ll get a free plastic liner included in your order. This refill comes with 3 sterilized grain jars, a soil, and the dark plastic liner.

Step 4: Check MiniTub Filters

Happy Little Fungi's new filters are good to use dozens of times.

Filters used on MiniTubs before the summer of 2021 are usually good for a 3-4 rounds. So, you’ll probably be okay with the filters you have in place.

Here are the biggest thing to think about when considering replacing your filters:

  1. Cleanliness

  2. Are your filters visibly dirty?

  3. Stickiness

  4. Are your filters adequately adhering to the MiniTub?

  5. Wholeness

  6. Are your filters torn, ripped, scratched, or similar?

If you answered yes to any of these, then it’s time to replace your filters!

If you have been using the micropore tape and need replacement, you can order some from Amazon or you can purchase some really great, long-lasting filters for your MiniTub!

Get Ready to Grow!

That’s it! That’s all you need to do to prepare for your next grow. Now you just need to order your MiniTub Refill Package and follow our Happy Little Fungi Grow Guide.

If you need more help, join our Discord Group or contact Carlos here.

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