Mushroom Grow Kits for Beginners

At Happy Little Fungi, you'll find everything you need to start your mushroom growing journey.


Your Mushroom Grow Kit comes with easy, step-by-step instructions, and video tutorials.


MiniTub Mushroom Grow Kit

What's your investment?

How much time do you spend researching how to grow mushrooms? How many hours are you investing in courses, Facebook groups, and YouTube without actually growing any mushrooms?

The time you spend researching, could be spent on growing mushrooms. But, if you're like the thousands of interested growers, you're already investing too much time learning and not enough time growing.

Or perhaps you're already investing in grow kits that aren't giving you the results or customer service you deserve. 

The bottom-line is that too much research and ineffective grow kits already cost you a great deal.

At Happy Little Fungi, we are committed to helping you grow mushrooms.

Start experiencing the joy of growing your own fungi.

10% work. 90% waiting.

Your MiniTub Grow Kit is designed for simplicity. The mushrooms basically grow themselves.

Everything you need.

Your MiniTub Grow Kit comes with all the material and information you need to start growing. Just add spores.

Join a community.

Once you purchase your grow kit, you'll be invited to join a friendly community of new and experienced growers.

You Deserve This Grow Kit!

Start growing mushrooms quickly, discreetly, and cost-effectively with the MiniTub Mushroom Grow Kit. 

It includes a step-by-step Grow Guide, video tutorials, a community of growers, and first-class customer support!

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Congratulations! You're about to begin your journey.

Hey y'all!

I'm Carlos – Happy Little Fungi's owner and operator based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.


I started growing mushrooms 20 years ago in my college dorm room. The mysticism of fungi drew me in, and the process of growing mushrooms kept me inspired for decades. 

Mushrooms have taught me about patience, humility, opportunity, and love. Happy Little Fungi is an attempt to share these mycological and universal lessons.

Whether you're just starting your mushroom growing journey or expanding on your mushroom knowledge, I'm humbled that you're here and happy that we found one another.

– Carlos


Start growing your own mushrooms!

1. Buy a MiniTub

Comes with a 3-Step Grow Guide and all the material you need.

2. Find Spores

You'll need to add your own spores to the MiniTub Grow Kit.

3. Grow Mushrooms

Learn as you watch mushrooms grow.